Volume 26 Issue 6 Supplement 7, 2020
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Richard A Collins. Martin Chan Chi-wai
Whole exome sequencing for developmental delay and learning difficulties: abridged secondary publication
SLJ Kwok, WLE Hau, TF Chan, FMI Lo, LWE Fung, SKW Tsui
Peak oxygen uptake in healthy Chinese children and adolescents by age, sex, and maturation
AM Li, A McManus, RYT Sung
MicroRNA and its link to osteoblasts in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: abridged secondary publication
JCY Cheng, A Moreau, WYW Lee, TP Lam, BHK Yip, RKW Choy
Home-based exercise intervention for caregivers of persons with dementia: a randomised controlled trial: abridged secondary publication
WC Chan, LCW Lam, N Lautenschlager, B Dow, SL Ma
Nanoparticles to identify Alzheimer disease by magnetic resonance imaging: abridged secondary publication
L Baum, AHL Chow, YX Wang, EX Wu, RG Pautler
Targeted drug discovery for Alzheimer disease: abridged secondary publication
AML Chan, L Baum, RCC Chang, JA Esteban, ZX Lin, YH Wong, WH Yung
Stochastic stimulation of the motor cortex for treating parkinsonian symptoms: abridged secondary publication
WH Yung, VCT Mok, Y Ke
Neuroprotective effects of oxyresveratrol on 6-hydroxydopamine on medial forebrain bundles in a rat model of Parkinson disease: abridged secondary publication
A Shah, YS Ho, KM Ng, M Wang, C Legido-Quigley, RCC Chang
Small molecule of adiponectin receptor agonist—AdipoRon—for Alzheimer disease: abridged secondary publication
RCL Ng, M Jian, M Bunting, SK Chung, KH Chan
Modified Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang and its combination with memantine for Alzheimer disease: an in vivo study (abridged secondary publication)
SSK Durairajan, M Li, SK Chung, QB Han, A Iyaswamy, SG Sreenivasmurthy, S Malampati, AK Kammala
Lutein for alleviating early high mortality and brain pathology after experimental stroke in a genetic type I diabetic mouse model: abridged secondary publication
AKW Lai, DTC Ng, BKC Tam, FKC Fung, SK Chung, ACY Lo
Intracranial artery calcification to screen patients at high risk of recurrent stroke: abridged secondary publication
KS Wong, XY Chen, TWH Leung, YW Siu, L Xiong, X Leng
Gastrodia-Uncaria water extract and tissue plasminogen activator for treating embolus-induced cerebral ischaemia: abridged secondary publication
JW Xian, AYT Choi, WN Leung, L Li, CBS Lau, TWH Leung, CW Chan
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