Reprint and back issues
A variety of reprint options are available: colour or black-and-white off-prints, black-and-white laser prints, and black-and-white photocopies; the minimum order is 50 copies and reprints are sold in batches of 50 (authors are entitled to order reprints, for educational use only, at special rates at the page-proof stage of production). Special orders of reprints for commercial use and larger quantities (1000 or more) can be arranged. A limited stock of back issues of the Hong Kong Medical Journal is also available.
Individuals requiring copies of abstracts or full-text articles are permitted to make single copies (as print-outs from the Internet or photocopies from the Hong Kong Medical Journal) provided that they are used for study purposes only. Otherwise, copyright permission is required. For articles that are not available on the Internet, a photocopy and fax service is provided by the Editorial Office, at HK$15 per page. Please contact the Managing Editor for more details. For reprints of articles from the former Journal of the Hong Kong Medical Association (JHKMA), please contact the Managing Editor in the first instance.
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Copyright release is required if individuals wish to photocopy articles, in whole or in part, for non-study purposes, or if a large quantity of copies is needed (eg for a lecture or tutorial). Copyright release is also required if any part of an article (including figures and tables) is reproduced in an academic publication, with or without alteration, even if the individual reproducing the material is the original author. A licence for reproduction can be issued for full-text reproduction of articles. Permission enquiries should be addressed to the Managing Editor directly. Please refer to the contact information of the Editorial Office.
Further information - download the following documents: