Volume 25 Issue 5 Supplement 7, 2019
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A Collins
Serum amyloid A1 polymorphisms as risk factors in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma
HL Lung, ML Lung, S Law
Chinese parental decision making on HPV vaccination for adolescent girls: a longitudinal study
R Fielding, WWT Lam, JTK Wu, LDL Wang, QY Liao
DNA sequence patterns in human major histocompatibility complex region in southern Chinese
YQ Song, PS Sham, SP Yip, YH Fan, SY Bao
Novel PCDH10-Wnt-MALAT1 regulatory axis in endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma
Y Zhao, Y Yang, J Trovik, K Sun, L Zhou, P Jiang, TS Lau, EA Hoivik, HB Salvesen, H Sun, H Wang
Influenza virus infections in Hong Kong in 2013-14: a community-based longitudinal seroepidemiological study
BJ Cowling, JSM Peiris, KO Kwok
Innate immune defect predisposing to severe influenza in a Chinese population
KKW To, J Zhou, YQ Song, IFN Hung, KY Yuen
B-1 cell response and its regulation during influenza virus infection
L Lu, X Wang, K Ma, M Chen, KH Ko, BJ Zheng
Vaccine-induced T cell protection from influenza viruses
SA Valkenburg, OTW Li, JSM Peiris, LP Perera, LLM Poon
Transfer of HIV-1 from HIV-1 latently infected CD34+ haematopoietic progenitors to CD4+ T cells
AKL Cheung, Y Huang, M Chen, ZW Chen
Foreign language learning as potential treatment for mild cognitive impairment
PCM Wong, J Ou, CWY Pang, L Zhang, CS Tse, LCW Lam, M Antoniou
FE65 serine-610 phosphorylation and its functional implications in Alzheimer disease amyloid precursor protein processing
KF Lau, WN Chow, JCK Ngo, YW Chen, VKM Tam, EHY Chan, C Miller
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