Volume 17 Issue 6 Supplement 6, 2011
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Jenny Lam, Richard A Collins
Cost-effectiveness of Dermabond versus sutures for lacerated wound closure: a randomised controlled trial
EML Wong, TH Rainer, YC Ng, MS Chan, V Lopez
Cost implication of team-based structured versus usual care for type 2 diabetic patients with chronic renal disease
GTC Ko, CY Yeung, WYS Leung, KW Chan, CH Chung, LM Fung, TP Ip, G Kum, KP Lau, IT Lau, JKY Li, SC Siu, MW Tsang, VTF Yeung, PCY Tong, WY So, JCN Chan
Health-related quality of life assessment for Hong Kong Chinese children with cancer
R Fielding, GCF Chan, WWT Lam
Quality-adjusted life years: population-specific measurement of the quality component
SM McGhee, J Brazier, CLK Lam, LC Wong, J Chau, A Cheung, A Ho
Tuberculosis susceptibility genes in the chemokine cluster region of chromosome 17 in Hong Kong Chinese
NLS Tang, CY Chan, CC Leung, CM Tam, J Blackwell
Identification of T-cell epitopes of SARS-coronavirus for development of peptide-based vaccines and cellular immunity assessment methods
PKS Chan, S Ma, SM Ngai
Pathogenesis of SARS coronavirus infection using human lung epithelial cells: an in vitro model
MCW Chan, RWY Chan, GSW Tsao, JSM Peiris
Animal reservoirs for SARS-like coronavirus in southern China
H Chen, Y Guan, X Fan
Risk of liver cancer in patients with hepatitis B or C
JQ Huang, GF Zheng, CL Lai, MF Yuen, BCY Wong
Hepatitis B virus X gene in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma
NF Ma, SH Lau, L Hu, SS Dong, XY Guan
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