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Volume 23, Number 3, JUNE 2017
Simon WC Sin, Karl Young
LW Chu
Monica MH Wong

Original Articles
YF Shea, LW Chu, SC Lee
TT Law, Jonathan YL Chan, Desmond KK Chan, Daniel Tong, Ian YH Wong, Fion SY Chan, Simon Law
Patrick HY Chung, Carol WY Wong, Christopher KC Lai, HK Siu, Dominic NC Tsang, KY Yeung, Dennis KM Ip, Paul KH Tam
H So, Carol SW Yuen, Ronald ML Yip
Vivian CM Man, Polly SY Cheung
Mesut E Yaman, Atilla Kazancı, Nur D Yaman, Ferhat Baş, Gıyas Ayberk
KS Leung, WF Yuen, WK Ngai, CY Lam, TW Lau, KB Lee, KM Siu, N Tang, SH Wong, WH Cheung

Review Articles
Ivy HY Chan, Kenneth KY Wong
George WY Ng, Henry J Yuen, KC Sin, Anne KH Leung, KW Au Yeung, KY Lai
TH Lee, HK Ho, TF Leung

Medical Practice
SM Lam, Arthur CW Lau, Rex PK Lam, WW Yan
James KH Luk, Felix HW Chan, Elsie Hui, CY Tse

Case Reports
SN Wong, Loretta KP Lai, PF Chan, David VK Chao
YC Lee, HH Kwan, T Wong, NY Pan, HY Lai, KF Ma

Letters to the Editor
John SM Leung
Karen KW Chan, Julie YC Lok, Wilson WK Yip, Alvin L Young

Doctor for Society
Rex WH Hui, Alex QY Liu, Andie CH Wu

Reminiscence: Artefacts from The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
Moira Chan-Yeung, Keith W Poon