Volume 24, Number 6, DECEMBER 2018
KC Chong, SY Chan, Katherine M Jia

Original Articles
Vivian WY Lee, Franco WT Cheng, Felix YH Fong, Enoch EN Ng, Laadan LH Lo, Livia YS Ngai, Amy SM Lam
SY Kwok, Anthony PY Liu, Cindy YY Chan, KS Lun, Jasmine LF Fung, Christopher CY Mak, Brian HY Chung, TC Yung
Kevin KC Hung, Rex PK Lam, Ronson SL Lo, Justin W Tenney, Marc LC Yang, Marcus CK Tai, Colin A Graham
MY Cheung, Angela WH Ho, SH Wong
HY Cheung, CT Lui, KL Tsui

Review Articles
Theresa NH Leung, KL Hon, Alexander KC Leung
CY Mak, Jason CS Yam, LJ Chen, SM Lee, Alvin L Young
TL Poon, Colin HT Lui, Iris Chan, Deyond YW Siu; Subcommittee on the Consensus Statement of The Hong Kong Epilepsy Society

Medical Practice
Mieke van Driel, Esther Anderson, Treasure McGuire, Richard Stark
CW Wong

Case Reports
Bryan P Yan
Sofie SF Yung, Maggie MC Cheng, Paulin WS Ma, PC Ho

Pictorial Medicine
KY Man, Esther MF Wong, Francis KY Cho, CM Leung
Joseph Andrew WK Tang, Esther MF Wong, Wendy Shu

Samuel SY Wang, Thomas KH Lau
MF Ip, SH Li, TY Wai

Letter to the Editor
Reza Ganji

Doctor for Society
Michelle Tsui, Bianca Chan

Reminiscence: Artefacts from the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
Faith CS Ho