Volume 18 Issue 4 Supplement 3, 2012
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Jenny Lam, Richard A Collins
Smoking reduction intervention for smokers not willing to quit smoking: a randomised controlled trial
TH Lam, SSC Chan, ASM Abdullah, V Taam Wong, AYW Chan, AJ Hedley
Prevalence of chronic pain, insomnia, and fatigue in Hong Kong
R Fielding, WS Wong
Neck pain in Hong Kong: a telephone survey on consequences and health service utilisation
TW Chiu, SL Leung, KW Lam
Impact of SARS-coronavirus-encoded proteins on cellular signalling pathways and cytokine/chemokine gene expression
JKL Chan, P Cheung, M He, Z Wu
Neuroprotection in steroid therapy: a rodent model
KF So, SW Tang, TMC Lee
Mental health impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome: a prospective study
YK Wing, CM Leung
Role of dendritic cells in SARS coronavirus infection
YL Lau, JSM Peiris, HKW Law
Detection of body temperature with infrared thermography: accuracy in detection of fever
BMY Cheung, LS Chan, IJ Lauder, CR Kumana
Characterisation of animal angiotensin- converting enzyme 2 receptors and use of pseudotyped virus to correlate receptor binding with susceptibility of SARS-CoV infection
KKB Li, CW Yip, CC Hon, CY Lam, F Zeng, FCC Leung
Voluntary counselling and testing plus information distribution to reduce HIV-related risk behaviours among Hong Kong male cross-border truck drivers: a randomised controlled study
JTF Lau, HY Tsui
Prevalence and risk factors of sexually transmitted infections in female sex workers in Hong Kong
WCW Wong, YL Yim, TN Leung, H Lynn, DC Ling
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