Hong Kong Med J 2012;18(Suppl 3):S39-41
Voluntary counselling and testing plus information distribution to reduce HIV-related risk behaviours among Hong Kong male cross-border truck drivers: a randomised controlled study
JTF Lau, HY Tsui
Centre for Health Behaviours Research, School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1. A randomised controlled trial was conducted to compare the efficacy of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) plus information distribution versus information distribution alone in 300 Chinese male cross-border truck drivers.
2. Two months after the intervention, participants of the VCT intervention group were more likely to be consistent condom users when having sex with female sex workers and non-regular sex partners, were more knowledgeable about HIV, and were less likely to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease in the past 2 months, compared to the controls.
3. Almost all participants of the intervention group were satisfied with the VCT service, and almost 90% agreed that it would increase their chance of using condoms in the future.