Hong Kong Med J 2012;18(Suppl 3):S13-5
Neck pain in Hong Kong: a telephone survey on consequences and health service utilisation
TW Chiu, SL Leung, KW Lam
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
1. The prevalence of neck pain in the past 12 months in our sample was 64.6%. Of those with neck pain, 37.8% had moderate to severe pain; 13.7% had to limit their social activities; and 18.9% had to limit their work.
2. Managers, professionals, and administrators were at significantly higher risk of having neck pain, compared with housewives or those who were unemployed or retired.
3. Of the neck pain sufferers, 25.2% consulted health service practitioners: medical consultation in a public or private clinic was most common (9.2%), followed by physiotherapy (4.9%). For self-care treatment, massage was most preferred (83.3%).
4. Physiotherapy was regarded as the most effective treatment; 60.7% of those receiving physiotherapy achieved complete improvement. Self-massage was less effective; 59.5% of those who self-massaged had an improvement of half or less.