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Volume 23, Number 6, DECEMBER 2017
Herbert HF Loong
Axel YC Siu

Original Articles
Jacqueline PW Chung, Terence TH Lao, TC Li
LY Ho, CK Chan, Peggy SK Chu
CM Ng, TK Lam, YC Au Yeung, CH Choi, YP Iu, CC Shek, SC Tiu
YF Shea, LW Chu, SC Lee, Angel OK Chan
WH Tam, Ruth SM Chan, Michael HM Chan, LY Yuen, Liz Li, Mandy MM Sea, Jean Woo
Sonia YP Hsieh, Danny TM Chan, Michael KM Kam, Herbert HF Loong, WK Tsang, Darren MC Poon, Stephanie CP Ng, WS Poon
ST Mok, Michael KM Kam, WK Tsang, Darren MC Poon, Herbert H Loong, WM Yeung, TY Yeung, Jimmy Yu, Carlos KH Wong
CF Tsang, James HL Tsu, Terence CT Lai, KW Wong, Brian SH Ho, Ada TL Ng, WK Ma, MK Yiu

Review Articles
KL Hon, CK Fung, Alexander KC Leung
TT Yau, NY Ng, LP Cheung, Ronald CW Ma

Medical Practice
KL Fan, CT Lui, LP Leung
Justin CY Wu, Annie OO Chan, YW Chan, Gordon CL Cheung, TK Cheung, Ambrose CP Kwan, Vincent KS Leung, Arthur DP Mak, WC Sze, Raymond Wong

Case Reports
SW Cheung, KS Cheng, WM Yip, KK Li
KM Kwok, KL Lee, YS Poon, SY Lam, T Liong, HM Wong, NK Chiu, KI Law

Pictorial Medicine
Mohamed Shaheeda, Stacey C Lam, Noel CY Chan, Hunter KL Yuen
Jo A Lim, SE Chong, Huda Zainal Abidin, Mohd H Hassan

KM Yam, Maggie LY Yau, Eva LW Fung
Abraham KC Wai
RP Fan, HM Chan
JJ Huang, Jason LW Huang

Letters to the Editor
Martin Hofmeister
YK Chong, Magdalene HY Tang, CL Chan, YK Li, CK Ching, Tony WL Mak

Doctor for Society
William Xue, Brian PH Leung

Reminiscence: Artefacts from The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
Moira Chan-Yeung