Volume 24 Issue 4 Supplement 4, 2018
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A Collins
Nurse-led repeat prescription for patients with controlled hypertension: a randomised controlled trial
BHK Yip, EKP Lee, RWS Sit, C Wong, X Li, ELY Wong, MCS Wong, RYN Chung, VCH Chung, K Kung, SYS Wong
Framingham risk score for predicting cardiovascular disease in older adults in Hong Kong
JYY Leung, SL Lin, RSY Lee, TH Lam, CM Schooling
Lifestyle intervention in obese Chinese adolescents with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a randomised controlled study
DFY Chan, EAS Nelson, AM Li, J Woo, MM Sea, RSM Chan, WCW Chu, M Chan, HK So
Psychometric properties of the Chinese Post-traumatic Growth Inventory in patients with chronic diseases
CHK Cheng, SMY Ho, TL Rochelle
Formula-feeding and the risk of type-2 diabetes mellitus among Hong Kong adolescents
LL Hui, SL Lee, MK Kwok, CW Yu, CM Schooling
Development and validation of a tool to identify barriers to starting insulin treatment in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus
SN Fu, WY Chin, CKH Wong, VTF Yeung, MP Yiu, HY Tsui, KH Chan
Environmental risk factors of prostate cancer: a case-control study
LA Tse, WM Ho, F Wang, YH He, CF Ng
Predictive biomarkers for EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
ZY Yang, C Mao, DY Zheng, JL Tang
Living with advanced breast cancer in women resilient to distress versus women with persistent distress: a qualitative study
WWT Lam, R Fielding, SW Yoon, J Tsang, I Soong
Cross-cultural adaptation of the Tinnitus Functional Index for measurement of chronic tinnitus in Hong Kong Chinese patients
ACS Kam, EKS Leung, PYB Chan, APP Cheung, MCF Tong
Effect of short-term high-intensity noise exposure on auditory physiology: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
C Lau
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