Volume 20 Issue 6 Supplement 6, 2014
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Ivy Cheung, Richard A. Collins
Use of humanised mice to study antiviral activity of human γδ-T cells against influenza A viruses
WW Tu, YL Lau, JSM Peiris
Avian influenza A H5N1 infection on human cellular microRNA profile: identification of gene regulatory pathway
PKS Chan, KF To, WY Lam
Role of toll-like receptors in naturally occurring influenza virus infection
NLS Lee, CK Wong, DSC Hui, PKS Chan
Effect of lifestyle factors on risk of mortality associated with influenza in elderly people
CM Wong, WM Chan, L Yang, KP Chan, HK Lai, TQ Thach, LM Ho, TH Lam, JSM Peiris
Role for autophagy in cellular response to influenza virus infection
AHY Law, DCW Lee, TYY Leon, ASY Lau
Hepatitis B virus array for genotyping and mutation detection
V Chan, CL Lai, KM Chan, MF Yuen
Functional significance of hepatitis B virus subgenotype Cs genomic markers
MS Li, TCK Lau, HLY Chan, SKW Tsui
Non-invasive algorithm for detecting advanced liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B patients
HLY Chan, VWS Wong, GLH Wong, PCL Choi
Use of serum hepatitis B viral DNA in prognostication of patients undergoing non- surgical therapy for liver cancer
SL Chan, FKF Mo, PKS Chan, W Yeo
Human papillomavirus status in southern Chinese women
SS Liu, KKY Chan, RCY Leung, AMW Yip, LSK Lau, XY Liao, LL Jiang, MHM Luk, SST Lo, DYT Fong, ANY Cheung, ZQ Lin, HYS Ngan
Cervical cancer screening by enhanced cytology: application of novel markers
ANY Cheung, XY Guan, HYS Ngan
Integrated human papillomavirus analysis as an adjunct for triage of atypical cervical cytology
ANY Cheung, OG Wong, KKY Chan, MS Yang, CH Tsang, SL Ji, CK Lo, E Szeto, E Wong, HYS Ngan
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