Hong Kong Med J 2014;20(Suppl 6):S28-30
Functional significance of hepatitis B virus subgenotype Cs genomic markers
MS Li, TCK Lau, HLY Chan, SKW Tsui
School of Biomedical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1. The G1613A mutation suppresses hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) secretion and increases the viral load.
2. The T2170G mutation decreases the extracellular concentration of HBeAg, although it has a milder effect when compared with G1613A.
3. Co-mutations of G1899A and T2170G/T2441C counteract the effect of G1613A and inhibit hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA synthesis.
4. RFX1 plays a significant role in transactivating HBV core promoter activity with the G1613A mutation.
5. Mutations at the nt. 1613, 1899, 2170, and 2441 of the HBV genome could affect subcellular localisation of the HBV core protein.