Volume 17 Issue 3 Supplement 3, 2011
Studies in Health Services: Research Dissemination Reports (Series 24)
Jenny Lam, Richard A Collins
Emergency department intervention for high-risk elders: identification strategy and randomised controlled trial to reduce hospitalisation and institutionalisation
VWT Yim, TH Rainer, CA Graham, J Woo, TW Wong, FL Lau, SM Ting
Factors affecting long-term care use in Hong Kong
VWQ Lou, EWT Chui, AYM Leung, KL Tang, I Chi, EKS Leung Wong, CW Kwan
Advance directive and preference of old age home residents for community model of end-of-life care in Hong Kong
LW Chu, SM McGhee, JKH Luk, T Kwok, E Hui, PKC Chiu, DTF Lee, J Woo
Patient self-management and the role of pharmacists: developing a consensus-based policy framework
FYY Wong, FWK Chan, JHS You, ELY Wong, VCH Chung, SM Griffiths, EK Yeoh
Cervical cancer prevention through cytologic and human papillomavirus DNA screening in Hong Kong Chinese women
J Wu
Incentives and barriers to adopting the family doctor model in Hong Kong: an in-depth qualitative study of the views, knowledge, and attitudes of patients
SW Mercer, SM Griffiths, CLK Lam, A Lee, WCW Wong, TP Lam, S Hillier, DR Phillips, RH Jones
Utilisation patterns of primary health care services in Hong Kong: does having a family doctor make any difference?
CLK Lam, GM Leung, SW Mercer, DYT Fong, A Lee, TP Lam, YYC Lo
Patient morbidity and management patterns of community-based primary health care services in Hong Kong
YYC Lo, CLK Lam, SW Mercer, DYT Fong, A Lee, TP Lam, R Lee, B Chiu, J Tang, B Chui, D Chao, A Lam, K Chan
New anti-smoking legislation on second-hand smoke exposure of children in homes
SSC Chan, DYP Leung, YW Mak, GM Leung, S Leung, TH Lam
New anti-smoking legislation on youth smoking and quitting behaviours via a smoking cessation hotline
SSC Chan, DYP Leung, AYM Leung, DOB Lam, DYT Fong, TH Lam
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