Hong Kong Med J 2011;17(Suppl 3):S38-42
New anti-smoking legislation on second-hand smoke exposure of children in homes
SSC Chan, DYP Leung, YW Mak, GM Leung, S Leung, TH Lam
School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1. The implementation of the smoke-free legislation has shown no evidence of displacement of smoking from restricted smoking venues to home, and there was a decline in the prevalence of fathers smoking at home and around children. Hence, second-hand smoke exposure at home was reduced.
2. Mothers responded positively to the legislation as reflected by a substantial increase in their actions to protect their children from second-hand smoke exposure and a moderate increase in advising the smoking fathers to quit.
3. Only a small proportion of the smoking fathers showed changes in their smoking-related psychological factors suggesting the need for a comprehensive and strategic promotion of smoking cessation services to support smokers in the community.