Hong Kong Med J 2011;17(Suppl 3):S25-7
Incentives and barriers to adopting the family doctor model in Hong Kong: an in-depth qualitative study of the views, knowledge, and attitudes of patients
SW Mercer, SM Griffiths, CLK Lam, A Lee, WCW Wong, TP Lam, S Hillier, DR Phillips, RH Jones
Section of General Practice and Primary Care, University of Glasgow, Scotland
1. Many patients regard family doctors as a ‘luxury item’, some of whom continue to attend the public health care system for their chronic diseases even if they have a family doctor.
2. Cost, quality, perceived need, and choice are important barriers to adopting the family doctor model.
3. Incentives include financial subsidies and a long-term therapeutic relationship with a doctor.
4. If findings of this study are representative, successful implementation of a family doctor system in Hong Kong for chronic disease management seems unlikely, unless these barriers are addressed.