Volume 17 Issue 1 Supplement 2, 2011
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 22)
Jenny Lam, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Health Research Symposium 2010: improving health and recognising excellence
Postnatal depression among Hong Kong Chinese fathers
TKH Chung, ASK Yip, IH Lok, DTS Lee
Supported employment versus traditional vocational rehabilitation for individuals with severe mental illness: a three-year study
HWH Tsang
Rapid molecular methods for epidemiological investigation of food- borne outbreaks
JML Ling
Antimicrobial resistance among uropathogens causing cystitis in women
PL Ho, KY Yuen, RMK Lam, KM Kam
Photodynamic inactivation of multi- drug resistant pathogens in Hong Kong
CMN Yow, K Fung, KC Wong
Methionine aminopeptidase as a novel target for antibiotic therapy against Staphylococcus aureus: a proteomic approach
RYT Kao, KY Yuen, CM Che, FM Siu
Targeting glutamate synthase for tuberculosis drug development
YW Cheung, JA Tanner
Inequalities in oral health and oral health care delivery among adults in Hong Kong: an analysis of extant data
C McGrath, YH Cheng, ECM Lo
Therapeutic effect and safety of a traditional Chinese medicine for atopic dermatitis in children: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
KLE Hon, TF Leung, PC Ng, MCA Lam, WYC Kam, KY Wong, KCK Lee, RYT Sung, KF Cheng, TF Fok, KP Fung, PC Leung
Immunomodulatory activities of the herbal formula Kwan Du Bu Fei Dang in healthy subjects: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
KP Fung, PC Leung, KWS Tsui, CCD Wan, KB Wong, MYM Waye, WNS Au, CK Wong, WKC Lam, BSC Lau
Efficacy and active components of herbal extracts on the treatment of tinea pedis
KM Lau, LH Fu, YL Wong, CP Lau, CW Wong, L Cheng, CBS Lau, VEC Ooi, PKS Chan, KP Fung, M Hui, PC Leung
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