Volume 14 Issue 4 Supplement 4 2008
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases:
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 2)
WC Chan, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Expression and functional characterisation of the putative SARS coronavirus non-structural proteins X1-X5

SARS coronavirus and apoptosis
KY Chow, YS Yeung, CC Hon, F Zeng, KM Law, FC Leung

Molecular and genetic characterisation of the SARS coronavirus auxiliary protein X1 in Drosophila
E Chan, S Tsui, CM Chan, CS Chan, YW Chen, P Law, A Wong

Risk-stratified seroprevalence of SARS coronavirus in children residing in a district with point-source outbreak compared to a low-risk area
PPW Lee, WHS Wong, GM Leung, SS Chiu, KH Chan, JSM Peiris, TH Lam, YL Lau

Mechanisms of lymphocyte loss in SARS coronavirus infection
PKS Chan, GG Chen

Investigation of immunogenic T-cell epitopes in SARS virus nucleocapsid protein and their role in the prevention and treatment of SARS infection
YK Cheung, SCS Cheng, FWY Sin, KT Chan, Y Xie

Role of polymorphisms of the inflammatory response genes and DC-SIGNR in genetic susceptibility to SARS and other infections
US Khoo, KY Chan, VS Chan, JCY Ching, L Yam, CM Chu, ST Lai, TY Wong, P Tam, SP Yip, GM Leung, CL Lin, JSM Peiris

Helicases as antiviral drug targets
JD Huang, BJ Zheng, HZ Sun

Studies of SARS virus vaccines
BJ Zheng, LY Du, GY Zhao, YP Lin, HY Sui, C Chan, S Ma, Y Guan, KY Yuen

An evaluation of SARS and droplet infection control practices in acute and rehabilitation hospitals in Hong Kong
JPC Chau, DR Thompson, S Twinn, DTF Lee, V Lopez, LSY Ho

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