Hong Kong Med J 2008;14(Suppl 4):S27-30
Investigation of immunogenic T-cell epitopes in SARS virus nucleocapsid protein and their role in the prevention and treatment of SARS infection
YK Cheung, SCS Cheng, FWY Sin, KT Chan, Y Xie
1. A novel HLA-A2.1-specific SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) nucleocapsid (N) protein epitope (N220-N228 LALLLLDRL) able to activate cytotoxic T cells in vitro has been identified.
2. When used with a single-chain-trimer system, the SARS-CoV N protein epitope (N220-N228 LALLLLDRL) can stimulate a cytotoxic T-cell response against N-protein expressing cells in the HLA-A2.1K(b) transgenic mouse model.