Volume 29 Issue 4 Supplement 4, 2023
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Anne Fung, Richard A Collins
Novel retinal imaging biomarkers for cognitive decline: abridged secondary publication
CY Cheung, VTT Chan, LWC Au, CC Tham, TCY Kwok, CTV Mok
Breastfeeding and late adolescent lipid subfraction: a Hong Kong birth cohort study (abridged secondary publication)
CM Schooling, SL Au Yeung, MK Kwok, GM Leung
Maximising the cost-effectiveness of human papillomavirus testing for cervical screening in the context of routine HPV vaccination in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
SMK Leung, J Wu, KKL Chan, M Jit
Climate change beliefs, perceptions of climate change–related health risk, and responses to heat-related risks among Hong Kong adults: abridged secondary publication
Q Liao, R Fielding, WWT Lam, L Yang, L Tian, TC Lee
Effects of puerarin supplementation on cardiovascular disease risk factors: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, two-way crossover trial (abridged secondary publication)
MK Kwok, GM Leung, L Xu, HF Tse, TH Lam, TH So, CM Schooling
Cardiac magnetic resonance assessment of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: abridged secondary publication
MY Ng, V Vardhanabhuti, KH Yiu, SH Hai
Nurse-led sexual rehabilitation to rebuild sexuality and intimacy after treatment for gynaecological cancer: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
KM Chow, WHC Chan Yip, J Porter-Steele, KY Siu, KC Choi
Extracellular CD147 as a diagnostic marker for defective acrosome reaction in asthenozoospermia and idiopathic infertility: abridged secondary publication
E Fok
Perioperative hypothermia and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery: abridged secondary publication
MTV Chan, CKM Lam, BCP Cheng, T Gin, CW Cheung
A new class of antimicrobial therapeutics targeting the envelope stress response of Gram-negative bacteria: abridged secondary publication
SW Tang, SH Kwok, X Li, KH Tang, JA Kubi, AS Brah, K Yeung, M Dong, YW Lam
Development of an antigen capture assay for melioidosis caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei: abridged secondary publication
JLL Teng, PCY Woo, E Chan
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