Volume 26 Issue 6 Supplement 6, 2020
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Richard A Collins, Martin CW Chan
Gut barrier proteins in diagnosing necrotising enterocolitis in preterm infants: abridged secondary publication
EWY Ng, PC Ng, HS Lam, MMT Lam, HM Cheung, TPY Ma, KYY Chan, POR Wong, KT Leung, K Li, TCW Poon
Traffic-related air pollution and Hong Kong school children: abridged secondary publication
XQ Lao, APS Lau, CHY Wong, TSI Yu
Secular trends of blood pressure in children and adolescents in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
MK Kwok, YK Tu, IOL Wong, SL Lin, CM Schooling
Burden of fatal and nonfatal injury in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
CB Chow, P Ip, SM McGhee, SHM Tsui, CW Kam, HFP Ho, EWY Chan, HSW Wong, IWS Chiu
Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of the Fatigue Scale for Children: abridged secondary publication
JOK Chung, WHC Li, GCF Chan, SY Chiu, KY Ho
Whole-transcriptome analysis of maternal blood for identification of RNA markers for predicting spontaneous preterm birth among preterm labour women: abridged secondary publication
SSC Chim, TF Chan, TY Leung
Maternal and obstetric factors of hepatitis B immunisation failure in Hong Kong: a multicentre prospective study: abridged secondary publication
KW Cheung, MTY Seto, ASY Kan, D Wong, TKO Kou, PL So, WL Lau, RMS Wong, CP Lee, EHY Ng
Three-dimensional versus two-dimensional ultrasound-guided embryo: transfer: a randomised control study (abridged secondary publication)
TC Li, S Saravelos, WS Kong
Behavioural dysexecutive syndrome after stroke: abridged secondary publication
WK Tang, KSL Wong, VCT Mok, CWW Chu, D Wang, A Wong
Bilateral movement computer games to improve motor function of upper limb and quality of life in patients with sub-acute stroke: a randomised controlled trial: abridged secondary publication
SSL Lam, SSM Ng, CWK Lai, J Woo
Aerobic dance for cognitive and physical functions and mood in older adults with cerebral small vessel disease: abridged secondary publication
A Wong, MKY Mak, LCW Lam, VCT Mok
Rapid movement therapy to improve balance recovery in stroke survivors: a randomised controlled trial: abridged secondary publication
RKY Tong, KCC Cheng, M Junata, HS Man
Antioxidative effect of Gastrodiae Rhizoma–containing herbal formula in PC12 cell model: abridged secondary publication
Z Liu, CH Ko, CF Ng, HL Wong, JF Zhang, PK Lam, WS Poon, PC Leung
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