Volume 22 Issue 6 Supplement 6, 2016
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A Collins
Disease burden of breast cancer in Hong Kong: an exploration of trends for screening policy and resource allocation
IOL Wong, CM Schooling, BJ Cowling, CN Wong, GM Leung
Perceptions of cancer risk and self-care practices: comparison of groups at different risk for cancers
R Fielding, WWT Lam, QY Liao, CL Lai, JWH Tsang, D Ip, MF Yuen
Identification of pathogenic microRNAs in Helicobacter pylori–associated gastric cancer using a combined approach of animal study and clinical sample analysis
CH Cho, J Yu, WKK Wu
Migration status and cardiovascular disease risks in Hong Kong adolescents
LL Hui, MY Wong, TWH Chung, KKY Lee, CM Schooling
Effect of combined use of Fructus Schisandrae and statin on high-fat-diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats
E Wat, CF Ng, CL Liu, C Zhang, CM Koon, CP Lau, CW Wong, KY Pang, X Zhang, KP Fung, CBS Lau, PC Leung
Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Level of Expressed Emotion scale and expressed emotion of family members perceived by patients with severe mental illness
WT Chien, ZCY Chan, SWC Chan, LK Yip, G Ip
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for generalised anxiety disorder and health service utilisation among Chinese patients in primary care: a randomised, controlled trial
SYS Wong, WK Tang, SW Mercer, K Kung, WWS Mak, SM Griffiths, TMC Lee
Physical health and lifestyle predictors for significant cognitive impairment in community-dwelling Chinese older adults in Hong Kong
ATC Lee, WC Chan, HFK Chiu, M Richards, LYF Hui, SPS Ng, WM Chan, LCW Lam
Person-centred care for demented older adults: a qualitative analysis
VWQ Lou, GKC Law, XB Zhong
Home and neighbourhood environment: association with children’s physical activity and obesity-related dietary behaviour
SH Wong, WY Huang, E Cerin, Y Gao, PC Lai, A Burnett
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