Volume 15 Issue 6 Supplement 8, 2009
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Commissioned studies by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Victoria Wong, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Risks posed by the use of oxygen therapy and non-invasive positive pressure ventilation: a pilot study
DSC Hui, S Hall, MTV Chan, GM Joynt, B Chow, JJY Sung
Immunogenetic studies in SARS: developing a clinical prognostic profile for severe diseases
NLS Tang
SARS diagnosis, monitoring and prognostication by SARS-coronavirus RNA detection
Proteomic profiling in SARS: diagnostic and prognostic applications
TCW Poon, RTK Pang, KCA Chan, NLS Lee, RWK Chiu, YK Tong, SSC Chim, SM Ngai, JJY Sung, YMD Lo
Functional roles of 3a protein in the pathogenesis of SARS
SKW Tsui
Long-term sequelae of SARS: physical, neuropsychiatric, and quality-of-life assessment
DSC Hui, KT Wong, GE Antonio, M Tong, DP Chan, JJY Sung
Correlation of clinical outcomes and radiographic features in SARS patients
DSC Hui, KT Wong, GE Antonio, A Ahuja, JJY Sung
Super-spreading events of SARS in a hospital setting: who, when, and why?
JJY Sung, I Yu, NS Zhong, K Tsoi
A comparative study of the stigma associated with infectious diseases (SARS, AIDS, TB)
WWS Mak, F Cheung, J Woo, D Lee, P Li, KS Chan, CM Tam
Role of cytokines and chemokines in severe and complicated influenza infections
Serum total glycosylation profiling for non-invasive diagnosis of liver cirrhosis in people with chronic hepatitis B
TCW Poon, RKT Kam, JJY Sung, N Wong, AY Hui, HLY Chan
Prevalence of hepatitis C infection in injection drug users in Hong Kong
SS Lee
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