Volume 15 Issue 5 Supplement 6, 2009
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health Services Research Fund
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Victoria Wong, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Provision and evaluation of a suicide prevention and management programme by frontline nurses in Hong Kong
SWC Chan, WT Chien, S Tso
Effects of fear-avoidance beliefs on Chinese patients with neck pain
TW Chiu, KC Lee, TH Lam, MC Lau
Effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction programme on pain and quality of life in chronic pain patients: a randomised controlled clinical trial
SYS Wong
Determination of the functions of the putative metal-binding domain of the SCV helicase
JD Huang, HZ Sun, JA Tanner, RM Watt
A pan-Asian survey of risk perception, attitudes and practices associated with live animal markets
R Fielding, GM Leung, WWT Lam, CQ Jiang, C Sitthi-Amorn, LV Ahn, YM Lu, WS Zhang
The macrophage in the pathogenesis of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection
JSM Peiris, CY Cheung
Functional role of ICAM-3 polymorphism in genetic susceptibility to SARS infection
US Khoo, KY Chan, JCY Ching, VS Chan, YC Ip, L Yam, CM Chu, ST Lai, KM So, TY Wong, PH Chung, P Tam, SP Yip, P Sham, GM Leung, CL Lin, JSM Peiris
Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of acute upper respiratory tract infection: a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
CLK Lam, W Wong, DYT Fong
Influenza-like illness in residential care homes: a study of the incidence, aetiological agents, natural history, and health resource utilisation
J Woo, E Hui, PKS Chan, M Ip, DS Hui
Identification of human cell line model of persistent SARS coronavirus infection and studies of the response to cytokines and chemokines
KF To, PKS Chan
Cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination for elderly people living in the community
CM Schooling, LC Wong, J Chau, A Cheung, A Ho, SM McGhee
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