Volume 14 Issue 3 Supplement 3 2008
Health Services Research Fund & Health Care and Promotion Fund:
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 9)
WC Chan, Richard A. Collins, Janice M Johnston
Summary of research projects supported by the Health Services Research Fund (HSRF) and the Health Care and Promotion Fund (HCPF)
RA Collins, JM Johnston, AMY Tang, WC Chan, CSH Tsang, SV Lo
A pilot study to elucidate and validate public health–related environmental effect estimates from statistical modelling of daily health outcome counts
CM Wong, TQ Thach, S Ma
Lifestyle-modified mortality associated with air pollution: a time-series study
CM Wong, CQ Ou, TQ Thach, KP Chan, YK Chau, RY Chung, TH Lam, AJ Hedley
The health benefits of reduced air pollution: value and trade-offs
SM McGhee, R Yeung, LC Wong, J Chau, CM Wong, LM Ho, R Fielding
Impaired glucose tolerance as a risk factor for diabetes mellitus and hypertension in the Hong Kong Chinese population: a 5-year prospective study
NMS Wat, TH Lam, ED Janus, KSL Lam
Comparison of a clinical pharmacist– managed anticoagulation service with routine medical care: impact on clinical outcomes and health care costs
JHS You, G Cheng, TYK Chan
Epidemiological study of primary nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting) in young adults in Hong Kong
CK Yeung, JDY Sihoe, FKY Sit, W Bower, B Sreedhar, JTF Lau
A randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of screening and brief problem-solving counselling for elderly patients with undiagnosed psychological problems in primary care
CLK Lam, PWH Lee, DYT Fong, TP Lam
The second deinstitutionalisation project for severely mentally ill patients in Kwai Chung Hospital: a randomised controlled trial
CC Lee, SN Chiu, CW Wong, B Ku, K Wong, OW Chan
Enhancing employment opportunities of people with mental illness through an Integrated Supported Employment approach of Individual Placement and Support and Social Skills Training
HWH Tsang
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