Hong Kong Med J 2008;14(Suppl 3):S31-5
A randomised controlled trial on the effectiveness of screening and brief problem-solving counselling for elderly patients with undiagnosed psychological problems in primary care
CLK Lam, PWH Lee, DYT Fong, TP Lam
Family Medicine Unit, Department of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, Ap Lei Chau Clinic, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
1. Unrecognised psychological problems are common in elderly patients in primary care, and are associated with poor quality of life.
2. Opportunistic screening for psychological problems should be considered for elderly patients in primary care.
3. Primary care doctors could be effectively trained to provide brief problem-solving counselling.
4. Brief problem-solving counselling by a trained primary care doctor had a small short-term benefit on the quality of life of elderly persons, who were screened positive for psychological problems.
5. Further studies on the effectiveness of group activities and other treatments for elderly patients screened positive for psychological problems are needed.