Hong Kong Med J 2008;14(Suppl 3):S13-6
Lifestyle-modified mortality associated with air pollution: a time-series study
CM Wong, CQ Ou, TQ Thach, KP Chan, YK Chau, RY Chung, TH Lam, AJ Hedley
Department of Community Medicine, 5/F, William MW Mong Block, Faculty of Medicine Building, The University of Hong Kong, 21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong
1. Smoking increases the hazards of air pollution while moderate exercise protects against the latter’s adverse effects. Comprehensive and coherent public health policies aimed at the reduction of avoidable air pollution–associated mortality should target both environmental air quality and tobacco use.
2. Frequent consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits should be encouraged in the elderly.
3. Healthy lifestyle is an important consideration for public health policies on environmental health.
4. Further research on the roles of effect modification to the hazards of air pollution is necessary to clarify the hypotheses for the mechanism by which air pollution impacts on health.