Volume 4, Number 4, DECEMBER 1998
AJ Hedley 


Original Articles
Scientific Committee of the Advisory Council on AIDS and the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation
SC Siu, TC Ko, KW Wong, WN Chan 

ASY Poon, JSK Ng, DSC Lam, DSP Fan, ATS Leung 

TG Short, MY Rowbottom, JPF Lau, GWY Lau, TA Buckley, TE Oh 


Seminar Papers-Preventive medicine
J Woo 

P Adab, DJ Macfarlane 

EMC Lau, J Woo 

Hong Kong Childhood Injury Prevention Research Group
TH Lam 

JL Mackay 


Review Article
D Pawar, S Shahani, S Maroli 


WL Lo 


Medical Practice
The Working Group for Formulating Clinical Management Guidelines for Osteoporosis in Hong Kong

Case Reports
SF Cheung, KC Lee, HWH Chan 

YK Yee, SW Wong, ML Szeto 


Book Reviews
N Samman 

KH Fung 

GM Joynt