Hong Kong Med J 1998;4:434-6 | Number 4, December 1998
Gastro-intestinal cytomegalovirus infection and extensive colonic ulceration in a renal transplant recipient
SF Cheung, KC Lee, HWH Chan
Department of Medicine, Princess Margaret Hospital, Laichikok, Hong Kong
Cytomegalic inclusion disease is a common complication in recipients of organ transplants. In renal transplant recipients, the disease involves the lungs more often than it does the gastrointestinal tract. We report on a recipient of a cadaveric kidney who had cytomegalic inclusion disease that involved both the upper and lower gastro-intestinal tract, and massive gastro-intestinal bleeding that was caused by a large colonic ulcer. Despite treatment with ganciclovir and cytomegalovirus-specific immunoglobulin, the patient died from subsequent complications.
Key words: Cytomegalovirus infections; Gastro-intestinal disease; Kidney transplantation
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