Volume 29 Issue 3 Supplement 3, 2023
Health and Medical Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Anne Fung, Richard A Collins
Berberine for antipsychotic-induced metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: abridged secondary publication
MY Chan, SC Man, M Lam, WH Lai, ZS Qin, MKR Ng, CK Lee, YHE Chen, HME Lee, LY Liu, HK Wong, ZJ Zhang
Chinese versus western medicine for threatened miscarriage: abridged secondary publication
CC Wang, ZX Lin, TC Li, XK Wu
Promotion of human papillomavirus vaccination among Chinese men who have sex with men: abridged secondary publication
Z Wang, JTF Lau, PPK Lam, P Chan, F Fong, PKH Mo
WhatsApp group discussion for smoking relapse prevention: a randomised controlled trial (abridged secondary publication)
DYT Cheung, HCH Chan, M Conway, CKH Wong, WHC Li, MP Wang, TH Lam
Meteorologically favourable zones for seasonal influenza A and B in Hong Kong: abridged secondary publication
KC Chong, PKS Chan, TC Lee, WB Goggins, P Wu, CKC Lai, KSC Fung
B-cell signatures for disease flare and response to pre-emptive immunosuppressive therapy in patients with lupus nephritis: abridged secondary publication
YHD Yap, TM Chan, S Yung, S Wong
Risk prediction analytics for the Hong Kong Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme: abridged secondary publication
JT Wu, GM Leung, WK Leung
Screening interval for diabetic retinopathy: a personalised approach (abridged secondary publication)
J Lian, CLK Lam, TQ Thach, S McGhee, CSC Fung, ASK Kwong, CKV Chau, JCH Chan
Weight loss versus continuous positive airway pressure therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea on metabolic profile stratified by craniofacial restriction: abridged secondary publication
SSS Ng, J Woo, P Cistuilli, RWW Lee, JKT Wong, DSC Hui
Assistive listening devices for Chinese children with dyslexia: abridged secondary publication
ACS Kam, PSH Lau, KCP Yuen, KKY Poon, KKH Chung
Effect of feeding methods on intestinal microbiota of Chinese infants: abridged secondary publication
KYW Lok, JLL Teng, H el-Nezami, M Tarrant, PPH Chau, P Ip, PCY Woo
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