Volume 22 Issue 1 Supplement 2, 2016
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Edmond SK Ma, Richard A. Collins
A brief group intervention using a cognitive-behavioural approach to reduce postnatal depressive symptoms: a randomised controlled trial
SSK Leung, AM Lee, DFK Wong, CM Wong, KY Leung, VCL Chiang, WK Yung, SWC Chan, KF Chung
Acupuncture for persistent insomnia associated with major depressive disorder: a randomised controlled trial
KF Chung, WF Yeung, SP Zhang, ZJ Zhang, MT Wong, WK Lee, KW Chan
Integrated supported employment plus cognitive remediation training for people with schizophrenia
HWH Tsang, MD Bell, V Cheung, KL Tam, WS Yeung
Virtual reality exercise to improve balance control in older adults at risk of falling
WWN Tsang, ASN Fu
Adverse events and poisoning from over-the-counter traditional Chinese medicine: a population-based survey
JH Kim, CH Chung, CH Lau, WB Goggins, JTF Lau, SM Griffiths
Functional outcome in patients sustaining moderate and major trauma
TH Rainer, CA Graham, HH Yeung, WS Poon, HF Ho, CW Kam, GN Cattermole, P Cameron
Cutaneous electrical stimulation to improve balance performance in patients with sub-acute stroke: a randomised controlled trial
SSM Ng, CWK Lai, MWS Tang, J Woo
Validation of selective attention and memory measures as early markers for Alzheimer’s disease
CS Tse, LCW Lam, DA Balota, GTY Leung, KT Hau, JF Chang
Detection of amyloid plaques in patients with post-stroke dementia
VCT Mok, WY Liu, A Wong
Use of botulinum toxin to improve upper limb spasticity and decrease subsequent carer burden in long-term care residents: a randomised controlled study
K Lam, KK Lau, KK So, CK Tam, YM Wu, G Cheung, KS Liang, KM Yeung, KY Lam, S Yui, C Leung
Prevalence of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in Hong Kong
T Kwok, TK Choy, WL Kwok
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