Volume 20 Issue 3 Supplement 3 2014
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Health Services Research Fund
Research Dissemination Reports
Ivy Cheung, Richard A. Collins
Economic burden of diabetes related to excess body weight in Hong Kong
SM McGhee, GN Thomas, CM Schooling, J Chau, LC Wong
Neuroeconomics of health care financing options: willingness to pay and save
H Leung, H Mak, M Leung, KL Leung, P Kwan, KS Wong
Pedometry and ‘peer support’ in older Chinese adults: a 12-month cluster randomised controlled trial
GN Thomas, DJ Macfarlane, B Guo, BMY Cheung, SM McGhee, KL Chou, JJ Deeks, TH Lam, B Tomlinson
Effect of motivational interviewing on the clinical and psychological outcomes and health-related quality of life of cardiac rehabilitation patients with poor motivation
SY Chair, SWC Chan, DR Thompson, KP Leung, SKC Ng
Effectiveness of Tai Chi in maintenance of cognitive and functional abilities in mild cognitive impairment: a randomised controlled trial
LCW Lam, WM Chan, TCY Kwok, HFK Chiu
Stroke incidence and mortality trends in Hong Kong: implications for public health education efforts and health resource utilisation
J Woo, SC Ho, W Goggins, PH Chau, SV Lo
Telephone-assisted pleasant-event scheduling to enhance well-being of caregivers of people with dementia: a randomised controlled trial
A Au, MK Wong, LM Leung, P Leung, A Wong
Perioperative outcome after nitrous oxide anaesthesia: an ENIGMA trial
MTV Chan, T Gin
Smoke-free policies on population health outcomes
SM McGhee, CM Wong, CM Schooling, GN Thomas, AJ Hedley, J Chau, J So, E Chan, LC Wong, TQ Thach
Health of catering workers in Hong Kong: impact of the 2006 tobacco control legislation
AJ Hedley, SM McGhee, R Fielding, JL Repace, CM Wong, SQ Lu, ALY Ho, HK Lai, LC Wong, J Chen
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