Volume 19 Issue 6 Supplement 8 2013
Studies Related to Melamine Incident
Research Dissemination Reports
Summary report on commissioned research studies related to the melamine incident
Research Fund Secretariat, Food and Health Bureau
Two-year follow-up for children with melamine exposure in Hong Kong: a multicentre study
HSHS Lam, WM Lai, SN Wong, MC Chiu, WCW Chu, PC Ng, MHM Chan, CWK Lam, NKC Tse, NS Kwong, TWL Mak
Diagnostic tools for detection of intoxication by melamine and its analogue
CK Wong, MHM Chan, JSS Kwok, CS Ho, PC Ng, SH Suen, KP Fung, CM Lau, TF Fok
Prevalence of melamine exposure in Hong Kong children
APS Kong, XL Yang, JCN Chan, CWK Lam, W Chu, KC Choi
Melamine toxicity in rat foetuses and infants
CC Wang, KP Fung, TF Fok, TK Lau, CP Pang, KO Chu, ASW Shum, CWK Lam, MHM Chan, CS Ho, CM Lau, TL Ting, TCW Mak
Effects of melamine on urine crystallisation kinetics and cell responses
CF Ng, KLE Hon, MDI Gohel
Case-control study of Sichuan and Hong Kong children with melamine- associated renal stones: renal ultrasonography and urinary IL-8 and MCP-1 levels
YL Lau, W Tu
Renal and vascular function in pregnant and neonatal rats exposed to melamine and related compounds
WT Wong, XY Tian, CW Lau, YX Wang, J Liu, WS Cheang, ZY Chen, CS Mok, CM Lau, Y Huang
Impact of melamine-tainted milk on foetal kidneys and disease development later in life
H El-Nezami, PKH Tam, Y Chan, ASY Lau, FCC Leung, SF Chen, LCL Lan, MF Wang
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