Volume 18 Issue 6 Supplement 6 2012
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases
Research Dissemination Reports
Ivy Cheung, Richard A. Collins
Case management to improve quality of life of older people with early dementia and to reduce caregiver burden
T Kwok, L Lam, J Chung
Three-year outcome of phase-specific early intervention for first-episode psychosis: a cohort study in Hong Kong
EYH Chen, JYM Tang, CLM Hui, SKW Chan, WC Chang, EHM Lee, CPY Chiu, MML Lam, CW Law, CWS Yew, GHY Wong, DWS Chung, S Tso, KPM Chan, KC Yip, SF Hung, WG Honer
Telephone intervention to improve the mental health of community-dwelling women abused by their intimate partners: a randomised controlled trial
A Tiwari, H Yuk, P Pang, DYT Fong, F Yuen, J Humphreys, L Bullock
Cognitive training for Hong Kong Chinese with schizophrenia in vocational rehabilitation
DWK Man, KM Law, RCK Chung
Long-term neurocognitive outcomes of children prenatally exposed to low- dose methylmercury
HSHS Lam, TF Fok, PC Ng
Marital satisfaction among Hong Kong couples
MWL Cheung, PSF Yip, SYS Fan, TH Lam
Attitude toward traditional Chinese medicine among allopathic physicians in Hong Kong
S Griffiths, V Chung, EK Yeoh, E Wong, CH Lau, P Mok
Auriculotherapy in relieving symptoms of constipation and improving quality of life for the elderly: a pilot project
MK Li, TFD Lee, KPL Suen
Interaction between oseltamivir and herbal medicines used for treating avian influenza
MS Yang, FCP Law, RNS Wong, NK Mak, XY Wei
Association of polymorphism of human leukocyte antigen alleles with development of hepatocellular carcinoma in Hong Kong Chinese
MHL Ng, SH Cheng, PBS Lai, KKF Ling, KM Lau, CK Cheng, N Wong, BCY Zee, CK Lin
Extra-high dose hepatitis B vaccination for peritoneal dialysis patients: a randomised controlled trial
KM Chow, SHK Lo, CC Szeto, SK Yuen, KS Wong, BCH Kwan, CB Leung, PKT Li
Identification of hepatitis B virus encoding/affecting microRNAs
WY Lam, JWT Tang, PKS Chan
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