Volume 15 Issue 1 Supplement 2 2009
Health and Health Services Research Fund
Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases (Series 11)
Research Dissemination Reports
Caroline SH Tsang, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Evaluation of energy expenditure and cardiovascular health effects from Tai Chi and walking exercise
SSC Hui, J Woo, T Kwok
Translation and validation of two Chinese health-related quality of life instruments in patients with coronary heart disease
DR Thompson, NB Oldridge, DSF Yu, CM Yu
A pilot study to examine the feasibility and acceptability of a community model for exercise prescription for patients with chronic disease
J Woo, E Hui, D Hui, CM Lum, KH Or, T Kwok
Short- and medium-term outcomes of accelerated infant growth in a Hong Kong Chinese birth cohort
CM Schooling, LL Hui, SSL Leung, LM Ho, KH Mak, GM Leung
Explaining coronary heart disease trends in Hong Kong: creation of a model for policy and planning
SM McGhee, JC So, GN Thomas
Rapid detection of food-borne pathogens in clinical specimens, food and environmental samples
JML Ling
Environmental surveillance for Laribacter hongkongensis, a diarrhoeal pathogen discovered in Hong Kong
SKP Lau, KY Yuen, PCY Woo, L Young
Mouse studies of SARS coronavirus-specific immune responses to recombinant replication-defective adenovirus expressing SARS coronavirus N protein
FWY Sin, SCS Cheng, KT Chan, L Meng, J Yu, Y Xie
Roles of spike protein in the pathogenesis of SARS coronavirus
DY Jin, BJ Zheng
An oral mucosal DNA vaccine for SARS coronavirus infections
KY Yuen, PCY Woo, SKP Lau
Association of cytokine and chemokine gene polymorphisms with severe acute respiratory syndrome
YL Lau, JSM Peiris
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