Volume 12 Issue 6 Supplement 3 2006
Health Services Research Fund & Health Care and Promotion Fund:
Research Dissemination Reports (Series 3)
Patrick KL Kwan, Richard A Collins, Janice M Johnston
Rational rationing of health services: an innovative approach for charging and financing health services in Hong Kong
PP Yuen, DB Gould
Operational improvement in a specialist out-patient clinic in Hong Kong
MPP Ho, H Fung, SCK Chu, H Tinsley
Promoting the appropriate use of chronic medications
JCN Chan, JYF Wu, GMC Chan, WYS Leung, BSC Lee
Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in the community: an approach to reducing bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents
JML Ling, EW Chan, AF Cheng
Charcoal burning suicide in Hong Kong
DTS Lee, KPM Chan, PSF Yip, SSM Chan, CM Leung, DWS Chung
Utilising neuropsychological assessment in the early diagnosis and cognitive intervention of patients with Alzheimer’s disease
ASY Chan, A Au
Family needs and family intervention programmes for psychiatric patients with a forensic background
HWH Tsang, V Pearson, CH Yuen
Dental health survey and programmes for adults with learning disabilities attending rehabilitation centres in Hong Kong
J Lee
An evaluation of the implementation of case management in the community psychiatric nursing service
SWC Chan, AE Mackenzie, OW Chan, B Ku, W Leung
A randomised controlled trial of the effect of educational counselling on the management of women with suboptimal childbirth outcomes
DTS Lee, TKH Chung, HFK Chiu, LP Cheung, WH Tam, A Lee
A case-control study of unexpected infant death in Hong Kong
EAS Nelson, KF To, D Wong, CB Chow, JA Dickinson, Y Ou, LM Yu, KC Choi, E Wong, NLS Tang, NM Hjelm, L Chen
Surveillance of unintentional child injury in Hong Kong
CC Chan, PK Lui, CB Chow, JCY Cheng, TW Wong
Vaginal misoprostol for first trimester termination of pregnancy before nine weeks of gestation
SW Ngai, OS Tang, YM Chan, PC Ho