Hong Kong Med J 2003;9:446-53 | Number 6, December 2003
Consensus statement on iodine deficiency disorders in Hong Kong
Expert Panel Group on Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Hong Kong
This article reviews the available data on the study of iodine deficiency disorders in Hong Kong and to discuss the approach towards preventingsuch disorders in Hong Kong. The importance of iodine and iodine deficiency disorders is described, and the available data on the dietary iodine intake and urinary iodine concentration in different populations of Hong Kong are summarised and discussed. Dietary iodine insufficiency among pregnant women in Hong Kong is associated with maternal goitrogenesis and hypothyroxinaemia as well as neonatal hypothyroidism. Borderline iodine deficiency exists in the expectant mothers in Hong Kong. Women of reproductive age, and pregnant and lactating women should be made aware and educated to have an adequate iodine intake, such as iodised salt, as an interim measure. A steering group involving all stakeholders should be formed to advise on the strategy of ensuring adequate iodine intake, including universal iodisation of salt in Hong Kong. Continuous surveillance of iodine status in the Hong Kong population is necessary.
Key words: Deficiency disease; Iodine
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