Hong Kong Med J 2003;9:217-20 | Number 3, June 2003
Kennedy’s disease
KM Au, KK Lau, AYW Chan, B Sheng, HL Li
Department of Pathology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital Road, Laichikok, Hong Kong
Kennedy’s disease is an X-linked, neurodegenerative disorder, characterised by lower motor neuron syndrome. This report gives the clinical details of six male patients with Kennedy’s disease diagnosed at Princess Margaret Hospital. Three were initially diagnosed with other neurological diseases, with the diagnosis of Kennedy’s disease made after genetic testing. This hereditary disease should be considered in male patients with muscle weakness, particularly those with a presentation suggesting atypical motor neuron disease.
Key words: Genetic diseases, X-linked; Motor neuron disease; Muscular atrophy, spinal; Receptors, androgens
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