Hong Kong Med J 2003;9:122-6 | Number 2, April 2003
The application of a multisensory Snoezelen room for people with learning disabilities—Hong Kong experience
HWM Kwok, YF To, HF Sung
Psychiatric Unit for Learning Disabilities, Kwai Chung Hospital, 3-15 Kwai Chung Hospital Road, Hong Kong
In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the use of complementary therapies in the field of learning disabilities. This paper describes the use of a Snoezelen (multisensory) room for adults with learning disabilities in a psychiatric setting in Hong Kong. Theoretical and operational issues are discussed. The demographic and clinical data of a cohort of 96 patients who had used the room were reviewed. Rating forms were completed by their carers or staff at the end of the course to provide a subjective evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment. This is followed by three case reports. In view of the rising popularity of the multisensory room for people with learning disabilities, more research of the impact and therapeutic values is recommended.
Key words: Complementary therapies; Hong Kong; Mental retardation
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