Hong Kong Med J 2002;8:435-9 | Number 6, December 2002
Current perspectives on emergency contraception
Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
Emergency contraception is safe and effective for preventing an unplanned pregnancy, although it is not widely used. Widespread and appropriate use of emergency contraception should be encouraged as it is a promising means to arrest the increasing abortion rate. It is therefore important for all doctors to be able to prescribe emergency contraceptive pills and to educate women of reproductive age about emergency contraception. This article provides an update on the prescription of emergency contraceptives so that doctors may become more confident at prescribing emergency contraceptives and educating women about this back-up contraceptive. The current changes in the delivery of emergency contraceptive pills from prescriptiononly through self administration to over-the-counter sales will be discussed.
Key words: Contraceptives, postcoital; Emergency treatment; Intrauterine devices; Levonorgestrel; Self administration
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