Hong Kong Med J 2002;8:212-4 | Number 3, June 2002
Malassezia furfur fungaemia in a ventilator-dependent patient without known risk factors
CM Chu, RWM Lai
Department of Medicine and Geriatrics. United Christian Hospital, 130 Hip Wo Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Malassezia furfur is the lipophilic yeast which causes tinea versicolor and is an uncommon cause of fungaemia. It usually occurs in the context of hyperalimentation with lipid emulsion, immunosuppression, or the presence of a central venous catheter. We report a case of a ventilator-dependent patient who developed Malassezia furfur fungaemia in the absence of these known risk factors. A likely risk factor in this patient was receipt of multiple courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This case highlights the importance of recognising Malassezia furfur as a cause of fungaemia, as well as the need for special culture techniques to aid identification.
Key words: Fungemia; Malassezia; Risk factors
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