Hong Kong Med J 2002;8:82-6 | Number 2, April 2002
Review of children with severe trauma or thermal injury requiring intensive care in a Hong Kong hospital: retrospective study
DKK Ng, SWW Cherk, WL Yu, MY Lau, JCS Ho, CKW Chau
Department of Paediatrics, Kwong Wah Hospital, 25 Waterloo Road, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVE. To study the injury pattern of children admitted for management of severe trauma or thermal injury.
DESIGN. Retrospective review.
SETTING. Paediatric intensive care unit of a regional hospital, Hong Kong.
PATIENTS. Twenty-eight children were admitted under this category from July 1996 to December 1999.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES. Mechanisms, severity, and circumstances of injury.
RESULTS. Road traffic accident was the most common cause of admission, followed by thermal injury, accidental fall, and non-accidental injury. However, non-accidental injury children were admitted in a significantly more severe condition, as measured by the paediatric risk of mortality score, than those admitted for the other three reasons. Non-accidental injury was also associated with significantly higher morbidity and mortality than the other causes of admission.
CONCLUSIONS. During the 42-month study period, trauma and thermal injury accounted for 7% of all admissions to the paediatric intensive care unit. Road traffic accident was the most common reason, while non-accidental injury accounted for the most serious injury. Detailed analysis of all these cases identified certain preventable risk factors.
Key words: Child; Intensive care units, pediatric; Wounds and injuries
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