Hong Kong Med J 2002;8:44-7 | Number 1, February 2002
Topical chloramphenicol for eye infections
RF Lam, JSM Lai, JSK Ng, SK Rao, RWK Law, DSC Lam
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Hong Kong Eye Hospital, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 147 Argyle Street, Hong Kong
Topical chloramphenicol has been widely used in the treatment and prevention of superficial eye infections due to its broad spectrum of activity and low cost. The use of this drug has decreased considerably in the United States since the first case of aplastic anaemia associated with topical chloramphenicol was reported in the 1960s. This medication, however, is still widely used in many other countries. This paper evaluates the evidence for and against the use of topical chloramphenicol in ocular diseases.
Key words: Anemia, aplastic; Chloramphenicol; Ophthalmic solutions
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