Hong Kong Med J 2001;7:236-40 | Number 3, September 2001
Obstructive sleep apnoea in children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy: prospective study
AM Li, S Hui, E Wong, A Cheung, TF Fok
Department of Paediatrics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVE. To determine clinical and baseline polysomnographic data on obstructive sleep apnoea secondary to adenotonsillar hypertrophy in Hong Kong Chinese children.
DESIGN. Prospective study.
SETTING. University teaching hospital, Hong Kong.
PARTICIPANTS. Fifty children (35 boys and 15 girls) suspected to have obstructive sleep apnoea were recruited between January 1999 and December 1999.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES. Symptoms questionnaire, electrocardiogram, chest radiograph, and full-night polysomnography.
RESULTS. All patients had symptoms suggestive of obstructive sleep apnoea. None were found to have clinical evidence of cor pulmonale. Forty-five (90%) of 50 children had obstructive sleep apnoea with a respiratory disturbance index of greater than five. Central and mixed apnoeas were rare. Tonsil size did not correlate with the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea.
CONCLUSION. Symptoms and signs suggestive of obstructive sleep apnoea can lead to a high detection rate and confirmation of obstructive sleep apnoea by polysomnography.
Key words: Polysomnography; Sleep apnea; Tonsil
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