Hong Kong Med J 2000;6:159-62 | Number 2, June 2000
Epidemiology of heart failure in Hong Kong, 1997
YT Hung, NT Cheung, S Ip, H Fung
Hospital Planning and Development Division, Room 520N, Hospital Authority Building, 147B Argyle Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
OBJECTIVE. To analyse the epidemiology of heart failure in Hong Kong, 1997.
DESIGN. Retrospective study with 1-year follow-up.
SETTING. Accident and emergency departments of 11 hospitals of the Hospital Authority, Hong Kong.
PATIENTS. All patients admitted to hospital in 1997 with heart failure as the primary diagnosis, as shown in their discharge summaries.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES. Demographic data, incidence and prevalence of heart failure, and survival status up to 1 year.
RESULTS. There were 4589 new and 1614 old cases of heart failure that required hospital admission in 1997. The largest age-group was the 75- to 84-year group; 85% of the patients were older than 65 years and 56% of the patients were female. The incidence of heart disease increased with age, approximately doubling with each decade of age and reaching an annual incidence of 14 per 1000 men and 20 per 1000 women older than 85 years. The 1-year mortality rate also increased with age, reaching 40% for patients older than 85 years (overall, 32%).
CONCLUSION. Heart failure is a common problem and has high mortality, especially in elderly patients. Detailed analyses of the aetiology and early preventive measures are needed to alleviate the problem.
Key words: Age factors; Heart failure, congestive; Hong Kong/epidemiology; Incidence; Mortality; Prevalence
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