Hong Kong Med J 2000;6:113-5 | Number 1, March 2000
Management of carbon monoxide poisoning using oxygen therapy
TWL Mak, CW Kam, JPS Lai, CMC Tang
Department of Clinical Pathology, Tuen Mun Hospital, Tsing Chung Koon Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
The management of carbon monoxide poisoning requires an accurate assessment of the extent of blood oxygenation. Measuring the fractional oxyhaemoglobin content by using co-oximetry gives a true picture of the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood in the presence of carboxhaemoglobin. The use of readings from pulse oximetry or a standard blood gas analyser is insufficient and can be misleading. We report on a case of carbon monoxide poisoning to illustrate this potential pitfall.
Key words: Carbon monoxide poisoning, Oxyhemoglobins/analysis, Oximetry
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