Hong Kong Med J 1999;5:204-7 | Number 2, June 1999
Colchicine-induced myopathy and neuropathy
SSL Choi, KF Chan, HK Ng, WP Mak
Department of Geriatrics, Caritas Medical Centre, 11 Wing Hong Street, Shamshuipo, Hong Kong
Myopathy and neuropathy that have been induced by colchicine have been described only occasionally, although colchicine is a widely used drug. We describe a case of colchicine-induced myopathy and neuropathy in an 84-year-old woman who had renal impairment. Results from a muscle biopsy showed characteristic vacuolar myopathy and autophagic vacuoles. The cessation of medication resulted in a marked improvement of myopathy.
Key words: Colchicine/adverse effects; Muscular diseases/chemically induced; Nervous system diseases/chemically induced
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