Hong Kong Med J 1998;4:300-4 | Number 3, September 1998
OphthWeb - cost-effective telemedicine for ophthalmology
SJ Chew, HM Cheng, DSC Lam, ACK Cheng, ATS Leung, JKH Chua, CP Yu, V Balakrishnan, WK Chan
Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore National Eye Centre, 11 Third Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168751, Singapore
OphthWeb' is an ophthalmic electronic medical record that can be accessed locally and globally via the Internet. OphthWeb can provide secure multimedia patient data to doctors, patients, and health care providers at any time and in any place. Patients have secured access to their own records in the convenience of their homes or during any emergency at any time or place around the world. OphthWeb provides interactive educational information and answers frequently asked questions by way of multimedia images on the Worldwide Web. A data transmission trial was conducted between the Xiamen Eye Centre in the Fujian province in southern China and Singapore. Clinical records, voice messages, and fundus and slit-lamp images were transmitted from Xiamen, and an off-line dialogue by e-mail and Internet-relay chat was conducted. The time delay from transmission to receipt was 30 minutes, which would be adequate to respond to most ophthalmic emergencies. This pilot project will promote computer literacy among doctors, and inter-institutional interaction in the health care profession. OphthWeb can provide telemedicine and electronic medical records at a low cost and great convenience.
Key words: Medical records systems, computerized; Ophthalmology; Remote consultation; Telemedicine
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