Hong Kong Med J 1997;3:369-72 | Number 4, December 1997
Fourteen-year experience of human leucocyte antigen typing in cases of disputed parentage in Hong Kong
BR Hawkins
Department of Pathology, The University of Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Seventy-seven cases of disputed parentage were studied using the human leucocyte antigen system over a 14-year period in Hong Kong. Of these, 30 (39.0%) related to the amendment or verification of birth registration details, 20 (26.0%) were for divorce or affiliation proceedings, and 19 (24.7%) were related to overseas resident visa applications. An exclusion of parentage of at least one of the alleged parents was shown in 23 (29.9%) cases; none of the cases related to overseas resident visa applications showed an exclusion. The study illustrates that human leucocyte antigen testing is a very powerful tool in the elucidation of disputed parentage in Hong Kong.
Key words: HLA Antigens; Paternity; Sensitivity and specificity
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