Hong Kong Med J 1997;3:105-6 | Number 1, March 1997
From hydrocephalus to hydrocele
KYC Goh, ACF Ng, KH Lee, WS Poon
Department of Surgery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong
The incidence of complications associated with cerebrospinal fluid shunt procedures varies from low to high in different series and depending on the duration of follow up. We report an unusual case of four-month-old male infant with hydrocephalus who developed bilateral hydroceles soon after ventriculoperitioneal shunting. The possible aetiology is hypothesised and suggestions are made as to how this may be avoided in other infants undergoing shunt procedures.
Key words: Hydrocephalus; Ventriculoperitioneal shunt; Hydrocele
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